There is much to be skeptical of in this world, so it no longer surprises me to learn how many people don’t really believe in anything — even the Bible, redacted and amended for the Romans to use as a tool for control. Our own history has been obscured. What is left to believe in? What’s the point? For many of us, the roads we walk are difficult ones, but the path is always there for us to follow — no matter how many times we may fall. The good news is that the Lord can help you find your way back. Naturally, some days are harder than others, but we must try. We all have doubts. The light of the mind alone cannot burn away all darkness on this Earth. Think on it, and look in your heart — it will be for the best. When the walls come tumbling down, when you lose everything you have, you always have family — your greater family. The fire that has kept me alive is love. God’s love and love of people. You’re not so certain. Fair enough. We all go through periods of darkness. In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know that, in the end, there is light in the darkness. In such times, we can turn to the Lord, but it’s good to have friends, and the good Lord knows there’s much to be done here.

Coomsumerist isn’t part of the western ideal — it has been subverted. Establishments like McDonald’s couldn’t persist with its size/prices without “dual citizenship” lobbyists. This might be a cope if you’re a (((neo-con))). The west is romantic nationalism, protectionism, federation, community, destiny, honor, creed, and white. Western ideals are what took us to the Americas and space. Unlike some places like Japan where they are happy living on one small rock and developing it full. I think most cyclic minded white people hate suburbia, but can’t leave because of job obligations. Slippery slope says that a puddle must not exist if you can’t define it — Pythagoras tried to explain the humanities with an equation. Just because something can’t be definitely defined doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — must like western culture. Of course I want to say my culture is the best, but there’s no real way to justify that step by step or in better terms, objectively. Fixing coomsumerism is about kicking out “undesirables” and seeing where the cards fall. Masses don’t always necessarily make the best decisions. During the black plague competition for labor led to the idea of class consciousness. Same has happened in America and minds have been corrupted. If you’ve seen Nightcrawler, you know why class consciousness is bad — Rick. People kill God, seize being satisfied with their lives, and Stoicism dies. Class mobility makes happiness a never ending journey. It is the sin of comparison. We shouldn’t compare ourselves to others because there will always be someone above and below you — thus it will either make you unjustifiably happy or sad/mad. Compare yourself to your past self and try to improve instead. We are all cogs. Just work for your greater good. Try to grow closer to God, rather than to run after money. God is white and says kill jews. That’s why he sent me.

If you are “14”, you aren’t on my team. If your tiny, woman-like brain is too smoothed by Hollywood and the “dual-citizenship” elites to get that; sorry not sorry — breath in some of this Zyklon B. Better yet, save me the trip and livestream yourself mixing bleach and ammonia. The more you realize who your real friends are, the more you grow hatred for everyone else. “I’m sorry that you didn’t have a dad around to raise you, but I’m not going to explain this to you more than once” “NAZI”. God certainly does have a sense of humor — or maybe rather “they” really are his chosen people, and this is all part of the plan. Fuck that. Fuckers wake up everyday to slave away for billionaires, notice the issue and their dissatisfaction with life, and go “maybe if I vote for [insert democratic nominee here] things will get better”. Real solution? Revolution — kill fucking everyone. Even Ted Kaczynski is pen-pals with Greta Thunberg. So that is solution one, the one most people wouldn’t like. Solution two requires nuance, which makes it a much harder goal post to imagine. Such things lead to apathy, nihilism, and the like. Anyway, reconstruction of straight minds into cyclic minds. The end of public education — or at least a public education system moderated by Israel and liberalism. “Wow I’m leaving my child with a complete stranger, I cant believe my child has become a marxist” love or hate public school, they are the easiest way to have your child educated. your brain has been completely corrupted. You don’t see the paradox of only believing verifiable evidence in a world where evidence has been destroyed time and time again and fabrications are abundant. I try to stay more open-minded to anything that isn’t getting pushed by the (hate this phrase) fake news. Slippery-slope fallacy is a bitch; really more of an issue with language over anything else, but maybe not. If we expressed every idea as a math equation of a computer program, would it be possible to communicate at all? Who’s to say. When you read these, I hope it is a conversation. Rather it’s between me and you, or just a moment of self reflection. I hate that being able to have a remotely intellectual conversation like this with some semblance of actual thought behind it is so rare. I honestly don’t know how I live being surrounded by drones who just DONT THINK. I’ve been wronged by black people. I’ve been discriminated by black people. humans are creatures superior because of our pattern recognition. for these reasons i am racist. unless a black person is nice to me, i don’t like that person. i don’t like a majority of people regardless of race. i hate almost every woman I’ve ever met. doesn’t effect my actions… maybe. I hate women. They hate me. Just looking for a girl to pee on me. PISS IN MY EYES PISS IN MY EYES. Take a bubble bath. Let me wash your thighs. X, Y, Z, etc I am rambling. This is probably my worst post yet. Why? I am not drunk right now. The female side of the mind gains from depressants — it is rather evident if you look at youth culture. Dudes just off themselves. Women love being sad. So what did we learn today? I am a threat to myself and to a much smaller extent, greater society — or maybe I am the solution, but that is probably just the individualism youth movement we’ve grown up with speaking. One that makes niggers even lazier and white kids turn sicko mode with their dad’s Springfield. Take your local libtard on a helicopter ride. Night.

How much do you think I really care? I exist to create and have lulz. I’m treated like I am mentally handicapped. Whether or not that is the case, I find solace in having my beliefs echoed just as anyone else does. If said beliefs run the country into the ground, it just sounds like more opportunities to acquire lulz. Look at what is happening now. We have protesters and lockdowns, Karen’s and niggers. Life has been tumbling down but at least knowing/believing that my life had some greater meaning in the grand scheme of torment and crusade of the western way of life and its subsequent destruction, puts a smile on my face. I hate myself and everybody else. I am not loved by the world nor myself. I may never be able the reach the corners of Christ consciousness in my mind glazed by Hollywood and the like. I may never find that one true love, but at least I can play the card of nihilism and tell myself to be happy with how it all turned out.

Attempting to justify the existence of freewill gets harder everyday. The assumption is that since our minds run of electrical impulses and chemical reactions, those things govern our thought processes. They believe consciousness exists less to make decisions but rather to justify them after the fact. Many studies have already shown that most decisions are made in split seconds. For example, look at a dating app like tinder. People swipe on who they find attractive and not; and this decision is made mostly instantaneously. The problem with these theories is that they assume that we already fully understand the universe — that if a strong enough computer was made we could simulate the entirety of the universe. Having a knowledge of the effect that our perception has over the fundamental gears of our universe, I fail to understand how one could illuminate their life without a love of god. You think that it is a chance that solely humans have the power to control probability in a cause-effect universe? Humans do not have free will in the traditional sense. 10th dimensional probability particles control the decay of radioactive atoms; the origin of choice. If you take all of the data for our universe, you could attempt to solve everything but would fall short because of the power of perception. Every event in our lives — everything we have ever experienced, has led up to this moment. Our actions are guided by the stimulus of neurons in our brains. The decay of atoms is the only true “random” thing in this universe.; thus if free-will is to exist, it would be our souls in the 10th dimension as probability particles. The start conditions for our universe and the decay of atoms as observed by the humanities are the control group for the equation that is our universe. Nothing has probability because in a cause effect universe nothing is random. What happens happens and always will happen. You can predict the outcome of a coin flip 100% of the time if you have all the information. “What did bother Einstein was the prospect of real indeterminism, built deep into the underlying laws of physics. This kind of indeterminism would make it impossible for even an all-knowing being to perfectly predict the outcome of any event. It was this kind of indeterminism that seemed to be present in the new theory of quantum mechanics.” and the backbone of the universe and the kernel-level processes of our existence is the deterministic outcome of atomic radiation and 10th dimensional superimposed dielectric Newtonian-particles. perception is the probability that we see but time is a branching tree of not random events but random 10th dimensional events of the decisions of quasi-omniscience beings (our souls) in effecting the suggestible numeric values of our universe to our wills. The equation of our universe is incomplete because a perception of our astral selves perceiving us changes their perceptions and so on. The foundation of our universe is in the 10th dimension, Kether, where we all exist, superimposed, as probability particles. The 10th dimensional, superconscious of the humanities reigns judgement over the perceivably random pieces of our cosmic equation; decaying the atoms in our brains to last choice and statistical credence to the expanding dogma of scientific probabilitication. Mechanical super permutations of dielectric theory over the bubble of randomness defined by the vector cloud of orthonormal electrons create the observable events we calculate or attempt to, today. you lack the adequate astral control over your probable self to decay to a realization to the independency of our spectral theorem basis. you call me absurd for saying all is part of the control group but you? The humanities and our perception are the clue in for the physical systems of our universe. The eye of 10th dimensional occupancy gives illumination to the deterministic or lack thereof in our universe. You are a daft retard. Fundamental “limits” must be placed for the old ideas of determinism to be met, but now lend credence to differing arguments for a lack of control in the universe. Kochen-Specker theorem may help in understanding this, but to put in layman’s terms; the incompleteness of our current understanding shackles us from approaching a true answer for what lies beyond the 10th dimension. as a linear line of thought, 10th dimensionally we control the probability of our fates through atomic decay with eons of knowledge of past, current, future and tangent time on a multi-dimensional plane. Growing closer to this knowledge as a physical lifeform should be our cosmic goal. the illusion of free-will, which if you then calculate for perception again changes in the upper dimensions- allowing for an actual freedom of expression that does not exist in the lower planes.  

Our 10th dimensional selves are smiling. Enjoy your 4/20.

Just generally sick of hearing “kill all men” — everyone saying they have a different reasoning and explanation as to why/what they are saying and I’m just like “mf would you kill George Floyd?” Mostly just sick of women saying outrageous things to get attention, but what else is new? The worst is when they have justified to themselves that what they are saying is correct, ie “we don’t mean actually commit murder and kill all men – we’re saying kill what it means to be a man. Toxic masculinity.” The implication there is that all masculinity is toxic; and even if that isn’t the point, you could say the exact same thing about toxic femininity or toxic black communities — but the second you say “kill all women”/”kill all blacks”, someone is going to want your head. The blatant hypocrisy and double standards rampant in the world right now is evidence of a decline in IQ (not education). A lot of these crazy politics are coming from the top. All these men are fucking whipped these days. Women have just as much power in this world as men- they just have it in very different ways. less immediately apparent ways. just as it can be easy to say “the world is ruled by men” when you look at, say a list of US presidents, it is easy to say “men are stronger/smarter than women”. We know the second to be not true. On average men are stronger than women, but that is not only the case. Point being that these “power structures” are both easily identified while we all know that men aren’t better than women. women can do/are better than men in a number of tasks and the same can be said for the power structure of our planet. empires have risen and fallen because of the actions of lone women. so please just stfu. Daji was Zhou’s wife. She was so beloved by Zhou that he would fulfill her every request. So, she would ask him to have people tortured because she got off on that. Daji had an affair. Zhou killed a whole bunch of people, and the people had an uprising from all of the peasants Zhou had been torturing for Daji. In the simplest caveman society scale, if a woman needs food and she is not as strong as the man who can get the food — she still gets food because she has power over the man. The “fairer sex” has an undeniable amount of power over men. Biology is solely a standard for creating an average case. Yes, there are women that are stronger than some men. Yes there are men that are better caretakers than some women. point being that each sex has inherent strengths. I see them to equal out. You on the other hand don’t value the strength women have over men. the way you see it is unless a woman has an electoral position over a man, then she is not equal. women can take power just as men can be caretakers. a society full of male caretakers and women in position is fine- assuming everything is still getting done right. point being that you have said everything short of “biologically men are better than women” and you’ve done nothing to defend that besides saying “uh well it is degrading to women”- nigga there are women that love sex work. is that a degrading job? not necessarily. the fairer sex has that power to do sex work and to do it good. The same goes with women with power over men in other ways. if you looked at the world as a whole and chose the strongest people, 99/100 it is going to be a man. There is nothing wrong with the one woman. I see it as a good thing. She is better at biology. The same can be said for women in gov’t. it is a good thing if they are good for it, but that will not fit the “average case” and you’re not acknowledging their power as anything other than degrading. Power and control in the world is often something full of nuance. Women especially have powers in nuanced ways. Just as all peoples are equal in different ways — so are men and women equal. Don’t move the goal post; you know I’m right.

I got a phone call from an old friend, a fellow soldier. Hold that thought, we never did anything cool. We were both IT guys. “Soldier” didn’t reach farther than the clothes we wore to work. As distance and time goes, we stopped talking; it must have been six years now. Time had made my life dull and melancholy; I continued to sit behind computers and cut the threads holding me to a world beyond them. He had given up on IT work — not for any complex reason. He moved back home where the internet was still measured in the kilobytes per second and streaming a 480p video would eat the bandwidth of the whole block. He told me about it on boring days — “one of the few places in the States untouched by the technocalypse”. It was something I yearned for; I’d seep into any story he told, immersing myself. My childhood was sold away to cushy billionaires — suburbia, where rent is low and commute is fast. The whole thing was transcendental in my mind. I could feel it like it was in my hands — as if I had lived it in a past life. Sleeping under the stars, schools where everyone knew each other’s names, having the town sheriff over for dinner — bliss. I never felt envious though, only humbled. He told me he was getting married to his high school sweetheart — how stereotypical. I congratulated him, “so where’s my invite?”. He laughed and explained that I was more than welcome to lodge with him. The things I had planned were stupid. I needed to live a little like him. I began packing immediately. I had a single minded focus. I drove and slept and drove some more. He was already there to greet me at my arrival. We embraced and he showed me his property. Then I saw her. She wore an olive button up and simple slacks — mud stains adorning both. The blouse fit loosely to her slender form. Her features were a mix of strong and weak, healthy and worn. Her short hair swept by the breeze and scraggly, arms smooth as if they were just sandblasted; she had a soft face and sad eyes. She embodied the word nubile. I looked back to my escort. He grinned at me daintily. Never before had I had such an urge to kill a man.